Educational Groups

Art Studio welcomes organised educational group visits from schools, colleges and universities during weekday mornings and afternoons. Prior booking is required for all school group activities.

Hands-on art activities, for all age groups, can be conducted as live virtual sessions led by Art Studio's artist-teachers. Please contact Art Studio to enquire about details and arrange a time and date.

Art Workshops

● A hands-on workshop designed to focus on an art-related subject coordinated between the school, college or university and Art Studio staff.
● From a collection of existing specialised workshops, select a workshop that is most fitting to your age group.

To enquire about making a booking or to find out about existing specialised workshops, please email:

Exhibition Guided Tour & Art Activity

● A tour of an exhibition at Manarat Al Saadiyat followed by an art activity in Art Studio related to the exhibition.

For Exhibition Guided Tour & Art Activity please contact Manarat Al Saadiyat Reservations at or call +971 2 657 5800