Guided Tours

Make the most of your time by booking our interactive walkthroughs

Our guided tours are an opportunity to learn about the exhibitions and MAS in more details with our experienced specialists.

Our tours are designed for various audiences; from school groups & children to families & adults with activities catered to get the entire group involved while learning valuable insights about art.

Our Visitor Engagement Specialists will engage audiences in an art observation process to create a memorable educational experience for all. This is a great tool to stimulate creativity and celebrate diversity; engage in knowledge sharing, artistic research and widely enjoy uncovering alternative perspectives.

Grace to the “the new normal” we offer online exhibition tour that can be viewed from the comfort of your own space; through Virtual and Live streamed tours Our tours last 45 minutes. While some exhibitions are followed by a hands-on pre-recorded art activity that consolidate the learning. For large school groups - a 'live' post-tour art workshop can be arranged that last 60-90 minutes by the MAS Art Studio. Prior registration is required.

Tours are free of charge, but fees may apply in case of ticketed exhibition. The tours are available in English and Arabic. To make a booking, please email or request your tour at the MAS front office desk.

Looking forward to embarking on a journey of discovering art together.

“Together and through art we explore the richness and diversity of the world we live in”